Recorded Webinars

We are proud to have the most well-informed athletes on just about any course. Our Coaches are a wealth of knowledge and information, and are constantly sharing it with our athletes through our vast library of webinars.

  • Training Cornerstone

    QT2’s Training Cornerstone covers all things having to do with your day-to-day program - swim, bike, run, strength, etc. Get an in-depth look at all kinds of training topics, to better understand how they apply to you.

  • Recovery/Day-to-Day Nutrition Cornerstone

    QT2’s Recovery/Day-to-Day Nutrition Cornerstone covers all of the things having to do with your life outside of the day-to-day training. Get an in-depth look at all the simple 1% restorative techniques that accumulate accumulate into big differences.

  • Fueling Cornerstone

    QT2’s Fueling Cornerstone emphasizes the importance of properly fueling your training and racing, to ensure improved performance and recovery. With all of the sacrifices that you make as an athlete, fueling is one of the easier aspects of endurance sports that is easy to master. Why leave it to chance?

  • Pacing Cornerstone

    QT2’s Pacing Cornerstone looks at translating all of the different facets of your training into well-paced races and workouts. Race to the performance that you have trained for, by understanding how proper pacing principals apply to you.

  • Mental Fitness Cornerstone

    QT2’s Mental Fitness Cornerstone aims to help athletes eliminate the mental barriers that may impede training and racing performance. This is a growing field of research, and our Coaches work together to bring the most effective techniques to you.