When Motivation Wanes

Written by Dan and Kelly McCann

During the course of a training season, the truth is – we’re all going to have days/weeks when we don't want to lace up the shoes, hit the pavement or treadmill, and miss whatever it is we're missing back home or elsewhere. That's normal. So, what do we do about it

Here are a few things to consider:

Tweak that Mindset

Instead of looking at your daily training as a chore -- as a "to-do" -- look at it as a reward.

That training time is YOUR time -- no email, no phone calls, no kids pulling on your leg or fighting with their siblings (we love them, but... you know...). It's your time to think (or not think) to listen to music or revel in the silence.

You may never allow yourself this much time -- for yourself -- ever again. Soak it up. Let it refresh and recharge you.

Schedule Your Running

Are you always scrambling to find time to fit running into your schedule? Do what you would do with an important meeting: schedule it in (literally). Set an “appointment” and enter it in your datebook. Once you have your run “booked” you can relax, knowing you won't have to scramble to find the time later.

Make a Deal

We all have those mornings, afternoons or evenings when we really don't want to run. Start small. "Force" yourself to put on your shorts, pull on your dri-fit and lace up your shoes.

Then, make a deal with yourself: "Just do a mile... Do a mile & you can come back home -- no questions asked." What happens then? More likely than not, you'll wind up completing your entire workout. 

How many times have you regretted going for a run after the run is over? 

That may sound obvious, but you'll be surprised how motivating it can be when you tell yourself, "You KNOW it's going to feel GREAT -- when it's over." The hardest part, sometimes, is just getting geared up & getting out the door.  

When Motivation Wanes
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