Rhythmic Breathing

Rhythmic Breathing
by TNT Coach Kim Charron
Rhythmic breathing…. What is it?
  • Coordinating your foot-strike with inhalation and exhalation in an odd/even pattern so that you can alternately land on your right and left foot at the beginning of every exhalation. 
Why is it important?
  • Can keep you injury free, prevent run “stitches” and guide you into a smoother run. 
The technical stuff on understanding this concept…
  • When your foot hits the ground, the force of impact can be up to 3xs your body weight. This impact is greatest when your foot strikes the ground at the beginning of an exhalation. 
  • When you exhale your diaphragm and muscles surrounding it relax. This creates less stability in your core.  Less stability at the time of greatest impact can cause injury. 
How it’s done..
  • Inhale for 3 foot strikes and exhale for 2. This count will allow you to distribute your weight evenly. It takes some practice but once you get the hang of it it’ll come naturally. 
For more information about rhythmic breathing, click research HERE.
Rhythmic Breathing
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