By TNT Coach Barry Birdwell

Being prepared for differing environments of weather is key on any hike day. Those hiking the rim need to be prepared for normal increases of heat as the day progresses and the possibility of rain.

Hikers heading into the canyon, it will be coolest at the start and temperatures will increase as you descend into the canyon. The deeper you descend the warmer it gets. Then, as you ascend out of the canyon it will get cooler “a bit.” Factor in the time of day, when you return to the rim, it will most likely be warmer than when you started.

So how to layer?

Layer 1: Next to your skin, wear dry fit synthetics. “Cotton is Rotten”

Layer 2: Wear something more insulating, maybe a long sleeve dry fit shirt or something thicker if it is expected to be cool.

Layer 3: This layer should be water/wind proof that allows perspiration to escape. Gore-Tex material is appropriate.

Head: Wear a wide brim hat to cover exposed skin.

Wet Weather Gear: If need be, wear two-piece pants and a jacket instead of a poncho which will catch the wind and drain onto your legs.

Remember: Cancer fears us because we are prepared for battle!

GO TEAM. Hike On! 

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