Happy Winter Running!

Happy Winter Running
By Coach Jon Falk


Happy Holidays!! At this time of year, I find my running in the dark more frequently. When the conditions are treacherous, l will often run indoors, but I enjoy heading outside whenever it’s possible. If you are seeking to avoid the treadmill and want to run outside, make sure to train outside safely.

  1. Don’t run outside with headphones. If you just can’t manage with your music, consider running with just one earpiece in or using bone conducting headphones (such as the Shokz Open Run) in order allow you to still hear ambient noise. I know that many people need that extra oomph derived from music especially on long runs or harder efforts. Ultimately though, (in my opinion) running outside with headphones presents safety concerns.
  1. Wear a reflective vest if there is a chance that you will be running at dusk or at night. These days there are so many distractions that drivers are surrounded by. It is important that you make yourself as obvious a presence out there as possible. Ideally, also consider running with a light or wearing an illuminated vest. Make yourself standout.
  1. If you’re like me and live in a place without sidewalks, make sure to run against traffic.That way you can tell whether a driver see you and adjusts their path accordingly, and if not, you have a chance to dive off the road. I have had to do this on occasion. NEVER assume that a driver sees you, or even if they do that they’ll give you a sufficient buffer.
  1. If the roads are icy, please consider using Yak-Traks or Nano-Spikes (or a similar product) that will provide you with good traction when you need it most. Even when there’s just a chance of slipping on hidden icy spot, I will put Nano-Spikes on my running shoes. While running on pavement with them can be awkward at times, wiping out on black ice can lead to a trip to the emergency room.

Jon Falk is a coach with QT2 Run.  Jon is a student of the sport of running, having earned coaching certifications from the RRCA and USATF, as well as a MS in Exercise and Sports Science. 

Happy Winter Running!
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