QT2/Core Diet Partnership

To: All Coaches

From: Tim Snow

Date: June 17, 2024

RE: Partnership with The Core Diet

Moving forward, any initial communications, with regards to getting your athletes set up with a Core Diet Registered Dietitian, will need to pass through me.

Please do NOT reach out to the RDs, on your own to get an athlete connected to them, even if the athlete has worked with them in the past.

In the past it wasn’t a very big deal, because The Core Diet was a part of QT2. Moving forward, it will be very important for Chrissie to know which RDs are working with which athletes, when, so that she can ensure that The Core Diet bills us appropriately, and that the RDs are then paid appropriately. 

She and I have agreed to a single communication channel, in order to initiate any nutrition work with our athletes. For the time being, that communication channel will be between she and I, though I will likely look to have someone else handle that, once all of the dust settles. 

For now, very simple. If you have an athlete who needs Core Diet services, shoot me an email or a text [tim@qt2systems.com/508-846-9900]. 

QT2/Core Diet Partnership
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