New Partnership - Dynamic Triathlete

To: All Coaches
From: Tim Snow
Date: June 28, 2024
Subject: New Partnership with Dynamic Triathlete

We are very excited to bring a new partnership to our Coaches and athletes! Dynamic Triathlete is an app-based software with professionally guided daily stretching and mobility routines, aimed to help keep athletes injury free. It contains daily mobility routines that are professionally guided, just 15-20 minutes long, and aimed at increasing range of motion and muscular balance.

Coach Tim Gerry has been using the Dynamic Triathlete software, himself, and with his athletes, and says that it has really helped him with the following:
  • Actually DOING the mobility work/stretches, that are so needed as he gets older.
  • Actually holding the stretches that he does do long enough to be effective.
  • Variety in movements and stretches.
  • Proper instruction on movements and stretches.
  • Easy to use at-home and/or on the road.
It is also pretty damned cheap! The app is either $9.99/month, or a $85, annually. We are able to provide a number of coaches with free accounts. If you are interested, AND WILL USE IT, shoot me an email (, and I will send you a code with which to access a free account.

We will be sending this information out to our athletes, shortly, but we are able to offer the following to athletes:
  • 25% off, for QT2 1-1 Coached athletes, using code QT21-1
  • 10% off, for all other athletes, using code QT2BASIC

We just need to figure out how best to communicate this to our athletes, but wanted to get it in front of your eyes first.

Be well!
This, and all other internal QT2 communications can be found HERE.
New Partnership - Dynamic Triathlete
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