Coach Resource Calculators - Google Sheet

To: All Coaches

From: Tim Snow

Date: June 27, 2024

RE: Coach Resource Calculators

We are in the process of building out a set of training metrics calculators, for use by coaches. These calculators will live within a singular Google Sheet. Our first installment includes Critical Power Calculators for the Bike and Run (as can be seen HERE). Over the course of time we will build out more and more of these, as separate tabs within this Sheet.

On the more immediate list of calculators to be built:

  • Critical Speed - Run
  • Critical Speed - Swim
  • Aerobic Extensive Intervals
  • Aerobic Intensive Intervals
  • Best Effort Intervals

If you would like access to this Google Sheet, please send me an email ( subjected "Share Coach Calculators", including the email address with which you are able to access a Google application. Once received, I will share it to you.


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Coach Resource Calculators - Google Sheet
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