A New Chapter For QT2 Systems

To: All QT2 Coaches

From: Tim Snow

I hope that this message finds you well. Today, I would like to share some very exciting news.

Since April of 2007 I have worked with QT2 Systems. After Jesse founded the company, in 2006, I was ‘the second one in the door’, so to speak, and since that first day have truly given it my all - my heart and soul.

Over the course of these 17 years I have served the company in many different capacities. In, and since, 2018, when Jesse moved on to pursue a different career path, I have attempted to step into his role, and have aimed to ‘steer the ship’ to the best of my abilities.

Well, the responsibility of this ‘ship’ is about to grow. For me…Assuming that all goes according to plan, effective May 20th I will begin a very new adventure within QT2. Jesse and I have agreed to terms, such that I will be purchasing QT2 Systems. Jesse and Chrissie will hold onto, and continue to maintain The Core Diet, who we will be partnering with (the details of this arrangement will to follow).

This is a very big step for me, and one that I would never have foreseen. I am afraid…I’m scared! As you might imagine this represents much much more than a business transaction for me, and I know that Jesse feels the same. I did not come to this decision easily, and when the discussions first began, was initially not interested. Like, VERY not interested.

But, I had to ask myself whether my initial lack of interest was due to not actually wanting to do it - not wanting to own it, or due to fear. With time and reflection I would come to realize that it was the latter. And, after 17 years of giving everything that I had to something, to not take the opportunity to further that due to something such as fear was simply not acceptable. To me…There is a future self who would not have looked kindly on that decision. I had to remain accountable to him.

As I said, I know that this is much more than just a business transaction for Jesse and Chrissie, as well. They were the ones who birthed this organization, and built it into the thing that we are so proud of today. They want it to live on, and to flourish. But their lives, and priorities, and pursuits have moved onto other things, as lives, priorities, and pursuits often do. But, I gain confidence in the knowledge that they believe that I am the one who is in the best position to help QT2 live on and flourish. I thank them for their trust and continued help and support over these many years, now, and in the future (I will be calling…No, seriously…I WILL be calling…). I also find a great deal of comfort in the support of the administrative team who I work with on a daily basis. Their dedication is unparalleled.

None of this would be possible without you, the Coaches of QT2. Well…It would be possible, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good. Ha! You are what makes good into great! Your passion, your dedication, and your support are what make our athletes all that they can be! I look forward to continuing to work with you, and to support your efforts with your athletes. It will be my goal to enhance the environment where each of our athletes feel your support, the support of QT2, and QT2’s support of you.

It is my goal, and intent, to keep things running smoothly, but with an eye towards making our operations run more smoothly and efficiently, improving our communications - both internal and external, and helping you and your athletes feel QT2’s support in a more robust way.

Will it be easy? Unlikely…But, that’s okay…That’s the job! And as a great mind has taught me, “just because you’ve always done it one way, doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing it that way.” I look forward to, and will value your input in these coming months. I will always listen! I may not always agree, nor act upon suggestions, but I will always listen, hear and consider them. I can promise you that.

I understand that change can be a bit unsettling, but even as we say goodbye to Jesse and Chrissie, it is important to know that the heart and soul of QT2 aren’t going anywhere. You and our athletes will remain, and we will go about doing the work to support you in that to the very best of our abilities. It brings excitement to me, because I know that you are very much like me…Passionate about what it is that you do. We don’t HAVE to do this. We GET to do this! How friggin’ cool is that, guys? We GET to do this! 

In closing, thank you for all that you do. We wanted to let you know of this coming change, on the sooner side of things. I will be informing my own athletes shortly, because - quite frankly - I have been so damned consumed by all of this, recently, that I am just not doing that great of a job…And, it is important for them to know that it is NOT because I am checked out, but perhaps because I am a bit too checked IN. I will make a broader statement to our entire athlete-base on May 20th, but until then thank you, and…


A New Chapter For QT2 Systems
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