Ten Post-Season Tips

Written by Coach Amy Javens
For many triathletes, we are nearing the end of our seasons. Top fitness gained from our seasons should NOT last into the rest/ restoration and off season. Here are some pointers to help us welcome the month of off season fun and keep our minds quiet a bit as we learn to let go of watts and paces. Too much of a good thing...is well, too much!
  1. Don’t look at your tri bike for a few weeks. Throw a blanket over it and let fitness drop. Then explore with your mountain, gravel or fat bike a bit with no big agendas besides having fun.
  2. Hang up your road running shoes for some trail hiking and easy running exploration. And leave paces off the watch. Take in and look at nature. No numbers please.
  3. If you achieved race weight, put some pounds back on to encourage hormone levels to return to normal and enter an anabolic state.
  4. If you are looking for record paces and watts during this time, you are doing it wrong.
  5. Turn off Strava, Zwift and Trainer Road type of apps, and focus on other things besides sport.
  6. Visit with family and friends.
  7. Take the fitness class you always wanted  but couldn’t do due to your training.
  8. Body work, range of motion, and mobility…oh my!
  9. Return back to the Swim, Bike and Run, in that order after a couple weeks off.
  10. After you recover, connect with your coach on the status of your off season and how to approach the next season after an evaluation of your past season. 
Remember, the objective of rest and restoration time is just that!  Don’t be obsessive and deny yourself what your body needs. Then once rested and recovered have a fun off season before reconvening to launch into the next training season.  
Happy off season to all! 
Ten Post-Season Tips
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