Qualify for the Boston Marathon!

How do I get to the starting line? What are the qualification standards? When do I need to qualify? Where are the best places to do so? Check out this introductory guide to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

2024 Qualifying Standards

Below are the required qualifying times, by gender and age group, for entry into the 2024 Boston Marathon.

Factors to Consider in Selecting Your Qualifying Race

Choosing the right race, is all about choosing the right race for you. Consider these factors before choosing your qualifying race.

Looking to Qualify for the 2024 Boston Marathon?

You have a few more months to meet your standard before the qualification window closes in mid-September. Some of the highest qualifying summer and early fall races include the Eugene Marathon, Grandma's Marathon, Ottawa Marathon, and the Erie Marathon. Want to learn more? Watch this great webinar on how!


Top Qualifying Races for 2025

Setting your sights on the 2025 Boston Marathon? Fall is the time to hit those numbers. Below is a list of fall races with the highest number of qualifiers. Click on “LEARN MORE” for a brief explanation of why each race lands on this list.

Recorded Webinar: Fall Races Edition - How Do I Qualify for the Boston Marathon?

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