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Per Diem Mission Plan

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Train for a specific event with our flexible Per Diem Mission Plan!

An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for a specific race or season, and fit your personal training volume, and planned races.

This option is an ideal alternative to One-on-One coaching, providing a structured plan and group to help stay motivated.

Our Per Diem Mission Plan is purchased up front for the amount of weeks of training that you need leading up to your event.  Please allow two weeks for your consultation and plan to be written.

Looking for One-on-One Coaching?  Contact us for the full personal experience!

Per Diem Mission Plans Include


Initial phone call with the Coach who will be writing your plan to review your initial intake form.

Access to the QT2 LLC Member Area and Support Forums

Add Nutrition

Don't forget to purchase a Race Fueling Plan!

Testing & Analysis

Testing using our field-test protocol to determine accurate heart rate training zones.

For $75 we offer detailed threshold testing to determine physiological specifics.

Set-up of annual training periodization that considers your goal races and other personal priorities.


Membership includes access to exclusive gear and promotional discounts from our growing list of brands and partners

Training Peaks

Training Peaks Basic account included to receive workouts and schedule.

Daily workouts sent in 4 week blocks.

Size Matters

QT2 Systems is a growing network of Coaches dedicated to serving our Athletes better than anyone. We're small enough to offer unique and personal service, yet large enough to offer best in class resources like our Member Area. In it you'll find discussion groups, blogs, discounts from our growing list of partners, and more!

Size matters.