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The Core Diet

TCD Introduction to Nutrition Course

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Incredibly important but often overlooked, fueling can make or break your race and ultimately your training leading into a race.  In this three part series Core Diet Registered Dietitian Beth Peterson provides invaluable nutrition guidance. 

Lesson One focuses on fueling for training and race day.  Beth reviews how to determine your fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte needs, and develop a plan to meet those needs.  She also discusses other considerations, including caffeine intake, the pre-race breakfast, and pre-race carbohydrate load, and reviews common errors. 

Lesson Two looks at several sports nutrition "myths" and considers whether they are fact or fiction. Does a low carb approach to fueling work? When is the best time for weight loss?  Do you need a recovery drink?  Can you hydrate with water? 

Lesson Three looks more generally at how nutrition (and other factors) can help us stay healthy while training hard.  Beth sets up the presentation by reviewing risk factors for upper respiratory infections, and then discusses strategies to reduce the likelihood of infection, including nutrition, nutritional supplements, training and lifestyle.

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