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Functional Strength and Mobility Analysis

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Do you struggle with injuries?  Do you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time in the gym?

Licensed Physical Therapist, and QT2 Systems’ Coach Jennie Hansen will perform an online video strength and mobility assessment with you, and develop a personalized strength program aimed at addressing your own specific limiters, be they to improve performance, remain injury-free, or both! 

Analysis sessions can take place in a fully remote setting.

All that you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer and we’ll take care of the rest! Our coach will meet with you via ZOOM, and talk you through a full video assessment of your functional strength and mobility needs. These will then be analyzed for weaknesses/inefficiencies, and an appropriate comprehensive strength plan will be provided via PDF and online app (phone/tablet).

The Package Includes:

60-minute Video Strength and Mobility Assessment

A discussion of:

  • Your athletic history and current goals
  • Past and/or current injuries
  • Your past history with strength work
Analysis Session

Your coach will analyze you for:

  • Identification of any mechanical deficiencies
  • Identification of any functional strength deficiencies
  • Identification of any functional mobility deficiencies

Your coach will deliver a PDF’d version of your functional strength and mobility plan, containing a direct link to the same, via the online MedBridge app:

  • A video call (via ZOOM) to review your strength and mobility plan
  • A comprehensive 10-week strength and mobility plan, that can be easily implemented alongside your normal training
  • Video examples of each exercise
  • A recording of your initial functional strength and mobility assessment
  • A recording of your coach reviewing your strength and mobility plan with you

Four weeks into your strength and mobility plan, your coach will meet with you (via ZOOM) to assess how it is going, to date, and provide an updated (2nd) strength and mobility phase of exercises.

Following these 10 weeks, athletes may want to schedule a follow-up assessment, to determine if a third functional strength and mobility phase is appropriate.