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Video Swim Analysis

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Your Coach will be in contact with you to set up a date/time for your analysis. Analyses can take place in a fully remote setting, and your Coach will give you clear directions on the video angles that will be needed.

All that you need is your smartphone and a friend, we’ll take care of the rest!  Our Coach will explain the required video angles, and how to submit them. These will then be analyzed for inefficiencies, appropriate mitigation drills, exercises, and/or stretches will be recommended. 

The Package Includes:

30-Minute Pre-Call

A discussion of:

  • Your swimming history and current goals
  • Review of past and/or current lessons/experiences
  • Which tools are in your swim bag
  • How to capture effective video
Analysis Session

Your coach will analyze your video(s) for:

  • Identification of any swim mechanic deficiencies
  • Head position, bodyline, rotation, arm/stroke mechanics, balance and kick
  • Suggestion and demonstration of any required strengthening, and/or stretching activities to compensate for swim mechanic deficiencies identified
  • Swimming drill suggestion (and demonstration), if required, to compensate for swim mechanic deficiencies identified

Your coach will deliver a PDF’d document and schedule a follow-up call covering:

  • An angular and metric-based analysis of bodyline, position in water, arm angles and rotation
  • Recommendations for strength-based exercises, to address your specific needs
  • Recommendations for drill work, to address your specific needs
  • Recommendations around specific flexibility needs