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Mental Fitness Coaching

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In order to truly optimize performance, make mental preparation a core component of your training program.  Don't have mentally limited races.  You work too hard in training for that!
This package includes a one hour introductory phone consultation with our Mental Fitness Coach.  Your background, goals, and critical issues will be discussed in depth. The Mental Fitness Coach will then follow up via email with a summary of the call and advice on how to move forward.  You also have the opportunity to follow up with our licensed professional in 30-minute phone calls to monitor your progress and continue discussions.  You may purchase these follow up calls in packs of 1, 2, or 3 follow-up consults.  Use these consults anytime within 12 weeks of purchase!

This Package Includes:

A 1-hour call with mental fitness coach, to help you address a variety of issues in an effort to enhance performance.  Commonly addressed issues include:
  • managing race day anxiety,
  • overcoming training slumps,
  • setting effective goals,
  • developing strategies to deal with adversity in competition, and/or
  • simply ensuring that you are mentally prepared for your big focus race.
An individualized plan will be created to specifically address your mental fitness needs during racing. If you have had problems that you are struggling to identify, during your races, or in-race/in-training mental/emotional hurdles, this preparation plan may be the perfect option to help you to overcome those barriers. You and your coach will work together to develop a practical mental fitness race protocol.

This Package Includes:

  • An initial questionnaire, to be completed for your Mental Fitness Coach
  • A 30-minute telephone call, to discuss the initial questionnaire more in-depthly, and/or considerations not listed
  • An Individualized mental fitness race protocol plan, based upon the initial questionnaire, the 30-minute telephone call, and general race goals. This plan will address areas including taper, race week, race morning, the event, as well as post-event assessment considerations.
  • In-person or phone consultation to discuss and go over your prepared individual mental fitness race protocol plan
  • Options to add post-race processing or follow-up calls.