USOC Mental Fitness Exercises - Sticking With It

The below logs, were developed by the United States Olympic Committee, to help athletes develop better skills in sticking with the process of mindset/mental fitness development.

Daily Log #1

This log aims to set your intentions, prior to training, with the purpose of outlining the specific skills that will be focused on, as well as specific training goals. The log revisits, with a post-training assessment of how if/how well the initial intentions were accomplished.

USOC Daily Log #1

Daily Log #2

This log aims to help you to set, both, physical goals and mindset goals, prior to training. It then asks you to revisit those stated goals, post-training, to assess how well they were achieved and identify any areas to continue working on.

USOC Daily Log #2

Daily Log #3

This log helps you to outline your objectives for the week, the strategies that you will need to utilize in order to achieve them, and predict any obstacles that may stand in your way.

USOC Daily Log #3