USOC Mental Fitness Exercises - Mental Preparation

The exercises, below, were developed by the United States Olympic Committee, to help athletes develop better Mental Preparation skills.

If you haven’t, already, you can access the USOC’s Mental Preparation assessment by clicking on the below button.

USOC Mental Preparation Assessment

Competition Reflections

How do you start developing a routine that will work for you? Begin with the end result in mind. Identify how you need to think and feel, in order to perform at your best. And then identify what to do to get you into this ideal mindset.

USOC Competition Reflections - Exercise #1

Pre-Competition/Competition Preparation Worksheet

The best pre-competition routines include a consideration of how the physical and mental aspects of preparation are inter-related. In developing an effective pre-competition routine, consider the following elements:

  • Mental Imagery
  • Cue Words
  • Self-Talk
  • Strategy Rehearsal
  • Competition Goals
  • Competition Focus Rehearsal
  • Energy Management Strategies
  • Emotional Management Strategies
USOC Mental Preparation - Exercise #2