USOC Mental Fitness Exercises - Goal Setting

The below logs, were developed by the United States Olympic Committee, to help athletes develop their goal setting skills.

If you haven’t, already, you can access the USOC’s Goal Setting assessment by clicking on the below button.

USOC Goal Setting Assessment

Goal Setting Exercise #1

Most athletes already know how to set outcome goals. Setting only outcome goals like "winning", however, will not change behavior, because outcomes are not completely within our control. Process goals keep your focus on things that you are more able to directly impact and/or control. This exercise aims to transform your outcome goals into process goals.

USOC Goal Setting Exercise #1

Goal Setting Exercise #2

Long-term goals don’t work unless they lead to short-term goals that impact present-day behavior. Try this exercise to see if your big goals can lead to better day-to-day goals.

USOC Goal Setting Exercise #2

Goal Setting Exercise #3

Research has shown that challenging goals push you further, but we also know that athletes will struggle to believe in goals that are too unrealistic. Try the following exercise to see if your goals are both challenging and realistic.

USOC Goal Setting Exercise #3