USOC Mental Fitness Exercises - Confidence

The exercises, below, were developed by the United States Olympic Committee, to help athletes develop better Confidence skills.

If you haven’t, already, you can access the USOC’s Confidence assessment by clicking on the below button.

USOC Confidence Assessment

Raise Your Self-Confidence Awareness

Begin thinking about self-confidence in your sport, by identifying your abilities and
other positive attributes.

USOC Confidence - Exercise #1

Competition Simulation

One way to build your confidence across situations is through the use of competition simulation. Some athletes do this by creating situations in training that mimic their

USOC Confidence - Exercise #2

Success Log

The “Success Log” has been developed to help you redirect your focus to include awareness of your successes. The idea is simple. At the end of each training day, and/or race, log three things that you did correctly or successfully.

USOC Confidence - Exercise #3