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Hiking Gear

Training gear, comfortable clothing, and critical equipment - Everything that you will need, listed right here.

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Hiking Safety

Trail etiquette, trail safety, rules of the trail, knowing your limits, etc..

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In Lieu of Hills

TNT hikes involves altitude and climbing an average of over 2000 feet. For LLS's Climb 2 cure...you'll do a bit more in the altitude. What's a flat lander to do? Luckily, there are several training strategies that can work even for those at sea level.

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Winter Safety

Have a plan and share it!

Never go out alone and make sure someone knows where you are going. Leave a message on the fridge, text your loved ones, make a call. Be sure you let a family member or friend know when you'll be out and when you expect to be home.

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Hiking in Altitude - How to Prepare

There are several Team In Training experiences that include high altitude hiking. Physically training for the trip is important, key to enjoying your adventure is ensuring properly acclimate to the high altitude once you arrive.

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Hiking in the Rain

Wet Weather Trail Hazards

A significant storm system can create dangers and health concerns. If you're on the lookout, you can take steps to avoid unwanted complications.

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Hiking - The Ten Essentials

You've broken in your boots, had your backpack properly fitted, and slapped on some sunscreen. As you gear up for your hike, you may be wondering what should go in that pack. Below we'll review ten essential categories you'll want to include!

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How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes

With so many different types of hiking shoes and boots out there, you may be overwhelmed thinking about where to begin in selecting the right one for you. In this article, we hope to help you narrow down the process.

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How to Size a Backpack: Daypack and Backpack Volume Guide

How much volume should you get in a daypack, weekend backpack, and multi-day backpack, or expedition backpack? Here are some volume guidelines and advice so you can start shopping for back packs in the appropriate size range.

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Other Documents

RPE Chart

Click HERE to learn more about training with Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) as a metric.