The Core Diet Ratio


When navigating the aisles of a convenience store, the challenge often lies in selecting a snack that aligns with Core Diet principles. This means finding an option that not only sustains you until your next meal but also avoids causing undue spikes in blood sugar levels. To aid in this task, we introduce a calculator designed for ease of use, particularly with packaged foods that display their macronutrient profiles. The primary goal of this tool is to assist you in making informed and healthier snacking choices when your options seem limited.

To ensure easy access to the Core Diet Ratio tool at, we recommend adding it as a thumbnail on your phone's home screen.

For iPhone users:

  • Open the URL in Safari
  • Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select "Add to Home Screen."

For Android users:

  • Access the URL using your browser
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose "Add to Home screen."

This will create a convenient shortcut, making the tool readily available whenever you need it.


  1. Enter the information into the appropriate input fields exactly as listed on the food’s packaging. All fields must be filled, so if the packaging lists zero fat, you must enter 0 into the field labeled Fat.
  2. Press Submit!
  3. The calculator’s recommendation will appear below the Submit button


Depending upon the nutritional information on the packaging, there are three potential outputs:

  • This option will limit a spike in your blood sugar. This would be a good choice, if you have a low-key stretch of time ahead of you, that won’t require a lot of physical activity.

  • This option will create a moderate spike in your blood sugar. This would be a good choice, if you have workouts to complete today, and a relatively active stretch of time before you will be able to start them.

  • This option will create a large spike in your blood sugar. This would be a good choice, if you will be beginning a workout within the next hour, or so. If you will not be starting a workout soon, then you may want to aim for a different option.

Here’s to making good choices!