Reem Jishi - QT2/TNT Run/Walk Training Coordinator

Reem is is the QT2/TNT Run Training Coordinator . She is the creator of all of the run training plans, and the progressive strength training program.  She also collaborates with the TNT coaches on run-focused webinars and other educational opportunities.  

Reem first entered the world of triathlon in 2000 as a way to escape the daily pressures of her career as an attorney.  Ten years later, she retired from 'Corporate America' and turned her full focus to helping others become healthier and achieve their athletes goals.  Reem joined QT2 Systems, The Run Formula, and The Cycling Formula in 2018 as a Coach and athlete.  Over the years, Reem has coached runners, cyclists, and triathletes of all levels, from first events to World Championship qualifiers.

As an athlete, Reem has participating in running, cycling and triathlon events for more than two decades, and is a four time member of Team USA for Triathlon, eight time USAT All American. 

Reem has been working with Team In Training since July 2019.  Reem participated in her first Marathon with TNT in 2000, and is thankful to have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals.