Nutrition Guidelines

This is where you will find various documents pertaining to Iron Guidelines, Muscle Stripping Protocols, Hydration Guidelines and Body Fat Percentage Guidelines.

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ADA Guidelines for Sports Nutrition

Click HERE to read and understand the ADA Guidelines for Sports Nutrition.

BMI Chart

Click HERE to access the BMI Chart.

Body Fat Percentage Recommendations By Age

Click HERE to find out the Recommended Body Fat Percentage By Age.

Iron Guidelines Oct 2020

Click HERE to read about specific Iron Guidelines/Recommendations and how to recognize if an athlete is iron deficient.

QT2 Muscle Stripping Protocol

Click HERE to learn about QT2 Muscle Stripping Protocols.

RD Nutrition Plan Guidelines

Click HERE to read our RD Nutrition Plan Guidelines.

USOC Hydration Guidelines for Athletes

Click HERE to read about the USOC Hydration Guidelines for Athletes.