Rate Change Policy

QT2 athletes will enjoy the same billing rate while their account is active, and until it is placed on pause. Once the account is placed on pause, then the below will take effect.

Pricing Increase Matrix

This will only be applied to rates that are below currently advertised rates, upon return from a pause of billing.

The tiered system outlined above will replace past practices where QT2 would periodically, and somewhat arbitrarily, do an across-the-board rate increase on all athletes who were under the currently advertised rates. This system aims to remove the arbitrary nature of the old system, and replace it with an athlete-generated trigger - the choice to go on a billing pause.

As you can see, athletes who are on-pause for very short periods of time (1 month or 2-3 months) will see a very small or nominal increase in their billing. Athletes who are on pause for longer periods of time will see larger increases, towards the currently advertised rates.

Please note that the increase amount is based ONLY on the difference between the athlete's current rate and the currently advertised rates. See the examples, below.

Please also note - and I hope that it goes without mentioning - that any rate increases will 'max out' at the currently advertised rate.

Rate Change Policy Examples

Sally Sue's billing rate is $225 for QT2 Basic Coaching, which presently has an advertised rate of $300. She goes on pause for a few weeks.

  • Upon her return, her new billing rate will increase by 4% of $75 = $3, to $228. Still $72 BELOW the currently advertised rate.
  • Pretty reasonable, if you ask me!

Now, let's say that the next time that Sally Sue goes on pause, she does so for four months.

  • Upon her return, her new billing rate will increase by 20% of $72 = $15 (because we are rounding up to the nearest dollar), to $243.