QT2 1-1 Coaching Athlete Customization Guidelines (Build-Out)

Use the below interval calculator to determine appropriate wattage recommendations for pushing on your Power-Duration Curve. This calculator has been fully customized to your physiology, based upon the below Peak Power data.


Physiological Profile, Based on Most Recent Testing

FTP and QT2 Training Zones (Bike)



Targeted Muscle Fiber Development Zones (Bike)


  1. Enter the length of the interval(s) that you are planning to complete, in the input field, below. The length of the interval must be entered in terms of seconds.
  2. Press the Calculate button.

Some common interval lengths, in seconds:

  • 3 minutes = 180 seconds
  • 5 minutes = 300 seconds
  • 6 minutes = 360 seconds
  • 10 minutes = 600 seconds
  • 15 minutes = 900 seconds
  • 20 minutes = 1200 seconds


Time To Exhaustion (TTE)