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Various coaching tools and templates

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3 | 20 Analysis Template

Click HERE to access the 3 | 20 Analysis Template.

Pace Analysis Tool

Use THIS tool to help in developing a race pacing plan.

Power Analysis Tool

Power Analysis Tool - HERE

  • For use in conjunction with Golden Cheetah, this Excel tool will help you to deliver an analysis of the cycling portion of an athlete’s race, honing in on the variables that matter.

Histogram Template

Use histogram template to help in building an athlete’s overall season plan - HERE

How to Develop Race Pacing Plan

Click HERE to learn about the Triathlon Calculator and how to use it in developing a Race Pacing Plan

Pacing Plan Coversheet

Access a cover sheet for any race pacing deliverables for an athlete - HERE

Pacing Plan Worksheet

Click HERE to access the Race Pacing Plan worksheet