3 | 20 Cycling Benchmark Analysis


This calculator will use the results of QT2 Systems’ 3 | 20 benchmarking protocol to provide you with your current test-based physiological markers, as well as training and season planning recommendations. Once you complete the benchmarking protocol and enter your results into the calculator below, you will be provided with:
  • Heart Rate zones for cycling
  • Heart Rate zones for running
  • Wattage zones for cycling
  • A sample periodization plan based upon your test-based physiology
  • General recommendations for your season planning
  • General training recommendations for the Base Phase
  • General training recommendations for any Build Phases
  • A recommendation of which taper scheme best fits your physiology
  • A recommendation of the approach to race pacing, that best fits your physiology


  • Warm up adequately for 15-25 minutes, preparing for the demands of a maximal effort
  • Perform an all-out 3-minute maximal effort, recording your average wattage and heart rate
  • Take a full recovery of at least 10 minutes, with very easy spinning. It is okay to take more than 10 minutes in your recovery, if needed
  • Perform an all-out 20-minute maximal effort, recording your average wattage and heart rate
Enter the average wattages and heart rates from the efforts into their respective fields in the calculator, below, and click the Calculate button.

If necessary, you should feel free to complete the 3-minute and 20-minute maximal efforts on different days. Just be sure that you are fully recovered going into each test, to ensure that you are able to perform maximal outputs for each segment of the test.

As always, safety is the number one priority. Consult with your physician, prior to performing this, or any maximal testing protocol. Also, if performing the testing protocol - in whole, or in-part - outdoors, be sure to follow/obey and, and all, traffic laws.

If you have any questions, and/or would like to discuss your results, please feel free to contact us - HERE.