Russet Morrow - QT2/TNT Hike and Tri Training Coordinator

Russet is the QT2/TNT Hike & Tri Training Coordinator. She is the creator of the hike and triathlon plans, and helps facilitate Team In Training educational webinars, event previews, and coach education. She works closely with the National Coaches to ensure teammates get to their finish lines happy and healthy.

Russet has been an athlete with QT2 Systems since 2009 and a coach since 2018. She enjoys working with athletes who are starting their multi-sport journeys, along with seasoned age groupers interested in improving their race outcomes. She believes in a holistic approach to coaching - that proper nutrition, mental fitness, and pacing are just as important as training is for successful racing. 

She has competed in numerous races, including triathlons from sprint to Ironman distance, as well as road races, and is a multiple-time qualifier for the Ironman World Championships.

Russet has worked with Team In Training since 2019 and is eager to help athletes develop and achieve their goals.