The Coaches of QT2 - Episode 8 - Stephanie Davis

QT2 Systems. Thirty-eight coaches. One set of goals: helping athletes of all abilities reach their own potential. At QT2 Systems, our mission is to help others achieve goals, cross finish lines, gain healthier minds, bodies, & spirits, and have some fun along the way. With a proven set of QT2 protocols, each of our coaches utilizes their unique coaching style to help guide athletes of all levels to the finish line - helping make dreams come true along the way. In our newest podcast series, get to know the people behind the training plans as we introduce you to the coaches of QT2 Systems. 

 Episode 8 features Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is one of our newest coaches, joining QT2 Systems as an athlete in 2021 and a coach in 2022. Stephanie grew up as a swimmer, but then due to a water skiing accident was forced to give up her dream of swimming collegiately. Through her rehab, she found her way to running and then triathlon. Along the way, she immersed herself in learning about the sport and how to make the body stronger and healthier. Soon triathlon became an integral part of her life and she was pulled to share her knowledge with others. Stephanie's goal as a coach is to not only have her athletes get faster and cross the finish line, but to also to have JOY in the process of discovering their potential as an athlete while gaining a healthier mind, body and spirit.



The Coaches of QT2 - Episode 8 - Stephanie Davis
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