The Coaches of QT2 - Episode 3 - Amy Javens

QT2 Systems. Thirty-eight coaches. One set of goals: helping athletes of all abilities reach their own potential. At QT2 Systems, our mission is to help others achieve goals, cross finish lines, gain healthier minds, bodies, & spirits, and have some fun along the way. With a proven set of QT2 protocols, each of our coaches utilizes their unique coaching style to help guide athletes of all levels to the finish line - helping make dreams come true along the way. In our newest podcast series, get to know the people behind the training plans as we introduce you to the coaches of QT2 Systems. 

Episode 2 features Coach Amy Javens. 

For Amy, triathlon is personal. She turned to the sport as therapy when her parents were diagnosed with chronic, terminal illnesses. Training became her safe haven, and allowed her to be in a better place to help those around her. She joined QT2 Systems in July of 2012 as an athlete and earned her pro card later that year. Amy used her time as a pro to take everything in and learn as much as she could. Shortly after joining QT2 as an athlete, she began the process of becoming a coach. As a Coach, Amy develops a strong relationship with her athletes and coaches each one uniquely, based on their individual needs and goals. Her athletes, in turn, trust her to guide them to their full potential.




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