My Journey to Kona Episode 7 - Fran Vincent

Have you have dreamed of competing in the IRONMAN World Championships? Listen to the stories of how these QT2 Systems and OutRival Racing athletes made their dreams come true.

Episode 7- Fran Vincent - Episode 7 features QT2 Systems athlete Fran Vincent and her Coach Tim Snow. Fran returns to Kona this year for her fourth (and she says final) IRONMAN. Fran did her first triathlon back in the 1980s! After focusing on other adventures, Fran came back to triathlon in 2007 and raced her first IRONMAN in 2011. When she signed up, her plan was a once in done. But immediately upon crossing the finish line, she knew that she was hooked. Over the years, she has competed in ten IRONMAN events, earning top podium spots at several and four Kona bids.



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