My Journey to Kona Episode 3 - Damon Little

Have you have dreamed of competing in the IRONMAN World Championships? Listen to the stories of how these QT2 Systems and OutRival Racing athletes made their dreams come true.

Episode 3 - Damon Little -  Episode 3 features QT2 Systems athlete Damon Little and his Coach Doug MacLean. Damon participated in his first sprint triathlon in 2013 figuring "how hard could it be" even though he did not know how to swim and had minimal running experience. After a few sprints, he decided to make the leap to long course and hired Doug MacLean as his coach. He raced his first IRONMAN in 2013. Six years and ten IRONMANs later, he earned his spot to the 2020 IRONMAN World Championships. Then the world shut down. 2020 was moved to February 2021, then cancelled. 2021 was cancelled. Through it all, he kept training, and now will toe the line in 2022. Listen along to find out how Damon went from surviving his first race, to middle of the pack long course athlete, to near misses, to earning his spot, to holding onto his dream through the past few years.




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