My Journey to Kona Episode 2 - Dawn English

Have you have dreamed of competing in the IRONMAN World Championships? Listen to the stories of how these QT2 Systems and OutRival Racing athletes made their dreams come true.

Episode 2 - Dawn English - Episode 2 features OutRival Racing athlete Dawn English and her Coach John Spinney. For her first triathlon in 1999, Dawn used a training plan pulled from a book she checked out of the library. It took just one race for her to be hooked on the sport. Over the past two decades, Dawn has raced dozens of races and learned a thing or two - including that PopTarts and Twizzlers are not ideal race fueling and, sometimes, to get where you want, you need to change your approach. After several near misses, Dawn joined up with Coach Spinney and earned her ticket to Kona by taking a top spot on the podium at her hometown race - IRONMAN Texas.


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